Since 1986, the Art Directorate and Directorate of the Drama Theatre has been entrusted to the talented artist and director Armen Khandikyan, who does this work up to now. He was born in 1946 in Beirut and in the same year his family came to Yerevan for permanent residence. He graduated from Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, with his diploma performance (Jean Anouilh “Passenger without a parcel”) was awarded the attention and high appreciation of theatre environment. He became an artist in drama, television shows and films.

His dramatic directing from Jean Anouilh splendidly flourished in the Drama theatre, raising the artistic level of both himself and the theatre with also the Armenian theatre industry in recent decades with modern manifestations, which was analyzed in the book of “Armen Khandikyan’s Theatre” by L. Mutafyan and in many other articles.

Armen Khandikyan is a famous artist, Honored Art Figure of RA, National Artist of Armenia, State Prize Laureate. He was also awarded “Movses Khorenatsi” medal, First degree medal for services provided to Armenia and “Artavazd” prizes.

No one in the Armenian theatre has referred to William Shakespeare as much as Khandikyan:

  • “Hamlet”
  • “Romeo and Juliet”
  • “Julius Caesar” (twice)
  • “Macbeth”

The Drama theatre has become a unique Shakespeare center. He performed in:

  • Moscow Academy Mossovet theatre: Pushkin, “Little tragedies”
  • G. Gorini, «Forget Herostrat» was performed in English at Bristol Riverside Theatre in Bristol, USA

He also performed in Canada and Los Angeles. Has also directed other director’s works and performed many children’s performances.


Armen Khandikyan performed more than 50 performances in Yerevan Dramatic Theatre such as:

  • “Provincial Detective”
  • “Forget Herostrat”
  • “Skylark”
  • “Irkutsk History”
  • “Bus”
  • “Endless Return”
  • “Baghdasar Aghbar”
  • “Woman and Man”
  • “Kill For Love”
  • “Unwilling Doctor”
  • “Jesus of Nazareth and his second disciple”
  • “My heart is in the mountains”
  • “Neutral Zone”, etc.

Rewards and Honors